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Half the one I used to be

Once you were the one, who put a smile on my face,
Now, I’m disgusted when I just think about your embrace.
I loved you deeply in my heart,
Now it’s just like you’re another art.

Once, your touches send me to the skies,
But now, no, coz’ I know about all your lies.
You made me what I am today,
And it makes me wanna run away.
Everyday I play a role,
I’m only half whole.

Don’t want to be so angry,
Don’t want to keeps on crying,
Now it’s open fire,
And I can’t run.
I just wait for an answer,
Make me whole again,
Just take all your time,
Just make me whole again.
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Avatar af lankieh d. 18. november 2005, 15:41
;'( mega sørgelig !