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Your lips, filled with red and looking so divine. Everytime we kiss, it´s like tasting expensive wine. Your eyes, glittering like stars in the night. Each time you look at me, all my thoughts tak
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In my eyes

In my eyes you are scared Close to the edge You cry all night Scared for the death In my eyes you are sad So sad, so scared You live in fear Scared to be alone In my eyes you are dead Lay
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Wish I never met you

You lead me to my wildest fantasy Soften my heart with lies of tragedy Keep my trapped in a narrow place Where you control every move I make To you I devote my hole life from you I only reciev
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Sometimes. Somethings. Has to be broken. I diden't ever wish to be like this. I never wantes to say those words. you say you will allways love me. You can't ever hate me. Once it was you me.
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I sit for my self, and all hurts. My heart freezing cause I can’t feel you there. I can’t feel anything. Look down too the wrist. Should I taking the keen knife or not? I had taken the knife, an
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Hvorfor? Hvordan?

Jeg elsker ham af helvede til, han betyder alt! <3 Han ved det, men bruger mig lidt som en brik i et spil, han kan lide min veninde, & hun kan lide ham! Men min veninde vil heldigvis ikke, ford
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Confessions of a sinner...

Why mix the liqeuor, when I can drink it pure. For my kind of illness, there exists no cure. Its not mental, in the body or because I´m old. It’s a fundamental flaw, deep down in my soul. Look
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Usikkerhed Vi kan aldrig være 100% sikre når vi møder en ny person. Tør du knytte dig til ham, når du ikke ved hvad han tænker? Og det du tror han tænker, tænker han virkelig sådan? Er han æ
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Demon tales

Long leathery tail, whipping up dust. The sight before me, awakens suppressed lust. Great talonned feet, scraping the ground. A low grumble escapes my lips, you tremble at the sound. Saliva dr
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I miss you

I miss you, like the child miss its mother. I revel in your respect, you treat me as a brother. I miss you, like the lion miss the wild. You make me stop and think, to remember my inner child.
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